Community Partnership Agreement Template

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Community partnership agreements (CPAs) are essential for building relationships between organizations and their surrounding communities. These agreements not only establish clear expectations and goals for both parties, but they also create a framework for ongoing communication and cooperation. If you`re looking to establish a CPA with a community organization, here`s a template to help you get started.


The introduction should provide an overview of the partnership and set the tone for the agreement. Be sure to include the names of both parties and a brief description of their respective missions.

Section 1: Goals and Objectives

This section should outline the specific goals and objectives of the partnership. These could include things like supporting local economic development, improving public safety, or enhancing community health.

Section 2: Roles and Responsibilities

This section should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each party. Be specific about what each party is expected to contribute to the partnership.

Section 3: Communication and Collaboration

This section should outline how the two parties will communicate and collaborate throughout the partnership. This could include regular meetings, joint initiatives, and shared resources.

Section 4: Resources and Funding

This section should address the resources and funding needed to support the partnership. Be clear about what resources each party will contribute and how funding will be secured.

Section 5: Performance Metrics and Evaluation

This section should establish performance metrics and evaluation methods to ensure that the partnership is meeting its goals. Metrics could include things like community engagement, economic impact, or public safety outcomes.

Section 6: Duration and Termination

This section should define the duration of the partnership and the circumstances under which it can be terminated. Be sure to include a provision for renewing the partnership if both parties agree to continue.


The conclusion should summarize the key points of the partnership agreement and express enthusiasm for the collaboration. It should also provide contact information for both parties to ensure ongoing communication.

In conclusion, community partnership agreements are a vital tool for building strong, collaborative relationships between organizations and their surrounding communities. By using this template, you can create an agreement that establishes clear expectations and goals for both parties, sets a framework for ongoing communication and cooperation, and fosters mutual benefit and success.




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